The "YES I CAN" photo gallery!

with John Assaraf
"The Secret" / One Coach, Inc.

Karen Hoyos and Sheila Pearl /

Sam Aviles
"The Love Shark"

D C Cordova and Greg S. Reid /

Michael Fragnito
VP - Sterling Publishing

Lu An Mitchell with George Ramirez
Female Entrepenuer of the Year

George and Olivia /Ramirez
Author / Speaker


Lisa Crisalle
Kangen Water

Harry Paul
Speaker / Author

Frank and Carmel Maguire
Speaker / Business Leader

with Frank Maguire
Speaker / Business Leader

with Ginger Hennessey
Speaker / Writer

Tildet Schoenbrot with author Sharon Lechter
Rich Dad Poor Dad / Three Feet Away

John Neyman and Tildet Schoenbrot /

John Yeo and ___