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What is the YES I CAN Project
The YES I CAN Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help children build confidence and self-esteem.

Children who have confidence and self-esteem are typically better students and less likely to get involved with gangs, violence, drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

We've all heard children say "I CAN'T" when asked to do something they haven't done before. Even before attempting to do it, their minds were already made up -- they can't.

YES I CAN is a powerful affirmation and simply saying it can help a child overcome their limiting beliefs; it helps them feel stronger, more capable, more likely to succeed at anything they do.

Our desire is to help children foster the belief that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.


Sara Draznin's High School Math Class

The First YES I CAN Project
photo on left is Sara Draznin with her math class; on right, Sara is holding on of our large YES I CAN buttons

In August 2009, a math teacher at Tolleson Union High School (near Phoenix) named Sara Draznin ordered a set of YES I CAN button for her students. She believed they would inspire her students to do better in class. The buttons were a big hit with her students and several weeks later, Sara ordered two thousand more buttons so every student at Tolleson Union High could have one. Below are comments that were written by several of Sara's students, sharing what they experienced after they received their own YES I CAN button:

Summer Sims
From Summer Sims:
"List of things I believe are possible after receiving the "YES I CAN button:
Yes I people in need.
Yes I a positive influence.
Yes I Can...achieve all of my goals.
Yes I Can...make a difference in the world.
Yes I Can (and will)...go to heaven!
Yes I somebody someday.
Yes I an impact on somebodys life.
Yes I Can...make my mother proud of me.
Yes I Can...forgive those who hurt me.
Yes I a life.
Yes I Can...overcome all my fears.
I know people should start with little goals, but I have big plans for myself so I start with big goals."

From Mikeia Green:
"... every time I'm wearing my pin, I feel like I can really do anything I put my mind to. Sometimes when I'm taking a test in my AP class, I just look at my pin and I don't feel nervous anymore. It's almost like they have a power to them even though I know it's all about believing in myself and the pins are a great reminder to help me remember that."

From Julio Lopez:
"I would like to thank you for the pins! They really motivate me to do my work and make me want to learn more about math. Every time I look at the pin it puts a smile on my face and brightens up my day and motivates me to do my best..."

From Denise Erives:
"I am a senior at Tolleson Union High School. TUHS has a rule that we cannot wear shirts with writing on them. Some times I wake up and feel like I want to wear a shirt that says "Yes I Can" or something else, but I can't so instead I wear a button. People seem to notice buttons more than anything written on things and then ask "you can do what?" and you answer feeling good about yourself "yes I can do anything!"

From Humberto Quinonez:
"... your pins really changed my life. When I feel I cannot move on, I just look at the YES I CAN and it motivates me to work harder."

Quentin Huntley Jr.
From Quentin Huntley Jr:
"I really like the pins. I have like 15 all over my book bag. Everyone always asks me why I have them, and I tell them that I can achieve what I want. Yes I can do it. I can do what I want to do. I look at my book bag and tell myself I can."

YES I CAN buttons

The YES I CAN Project offers teachers / schools up to 50 Free
YES I CAN buttons. Click the YES I CAN button above for information on how to receive Free YES I CAN buttons.

Alisa Ashley, working with students

YES I CAN Curriculum for School
The YES I CAN Project is currently working on a YES I CAN curriculum for schools that will help students build confidence and self-esteem, teach them how to set goals and achieve them, and be proud of all their accomplishments.


Help Make the YES I CAN Project a Success!!
If our mission to help children build confidence and self-esteem resonates with you, you can help by:

* spreading the word about the YES I CAN Project by becoming an Ambassador of YES I CAN.

* passing out YES I CAN buttons to children you come in contact with.

* having us send YES I CAN buttons and stickers to the school(s) you attended as a child. We will include a certificate with your name on it or we can send them anonymously.

We can send 500 YES I CAN small buttons and 500 YES I CAN stickers to a school for only $99.00. That's just twenty cents per child.

If you have any questions about the YES I CAN Project, feel free to contact me personally at

Thank you!

Don Ratliff
YES I CAN Project's Founder


"Among the greatest gifts you can give a child is to encourage them to pursue their dreams!" ~ Don Ratliff